What To Expect At Sarver Institute

If you believe evidence-based teaching is important and you are committed to treating more than just the teeth, considering the face from every angle, and helping patients understand what is possible with treatment and interdisciplinary care, we think there’s no better teacher than Dr. Sarver.  Plus, Dr. Sarver has carefully chosen other faculty members who get it…many that are not available on other platforms. And you’ll have the ability to interact directly with them on a monthly basis during live office hours.

Our Content

The Sarver Institute has spared no expense in creating a new approach to online education. It’s not the typical “talking head and slides” approach. The end result is visually engaging and makes the viewer feel more connected with the presenter.

We’ve taken special care to show chairside procedures in a way that provides far more detail than what you could see in an in-office course because our cameras are right there. This way, you can see the details that make the difference between a good finish and a great one.

With over 40 years in practice, contribution to volumes of scientific research, and a curriculum vitae that spans dozens of pages, Dr. Sarver has never stopped learning and never stopped innovating. As a member of the Sarver Institute, you’ll benefit from  


Learn how Dr. Sarver works from the outside in when determining the approach for treatment.


Recognize the importance of phenomenal aesthetics in differentiating your practice.


Implement new approaches in a way that gets your team on board and excited.


Learn to build and maintain a great team and more from Dr. Sarver and our other faculty.


Learn how to improve your own approach to customized treatment and digital workflows.


Gain new skills in patient education so you can build a bullet-proof practice.

A Wealth of Knowledge

No matter what treatment appliances you prefer, the tips, tricks, and skills you’ll learn as a member of the Sarver Institute will apply to your preferred systems. That’s why we say it’s the doctor, not the system, that really makes the difference. Our guest faculty and Dr. Sarver will show cases where specific tools were used, but our goal is for you to understand the mechanics behind the treatment so you can apply those whether you prefer twin brackets, PSL, aligners, or any combination.

Sarver Institute Extras

  • Online interdisciplinary community. Connect & interact with specialists from virtually every discipline.
  • Pre-produced and live content.
  • Opportunities for mentorship.
  • Discounts on Global Summit Meetings (starting in 2022).
  • Weekly online posts from contributing faculty.
  • Sarver case of the month
  • Member case of the month