About Us

The Sarver Institute is a continuing education platform and vibrant community for orthodontists and dental specialists who want to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive direct-to-consumer environment. Built on solid scientific data and forty years of private practice, Dr. David Sarver has built an incredible legacy for others to share in.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen numerous groups develop with an almost singular focus on the business of orthodontics. We think this is great and thoroughly enjoy participating in those groups. At the same time, we believe that the best way to position your practice for success is to place an equal emphasis on exceptional treatment outcomes, and excellent patient communication. That’s where we come in.


Sarver Institute

Our Story

Having worked together for well over a decade, Orthodontist, Dr. David Sarver, and communications expert, Mr. Jeff Behan, decided the time was right to take a whole new approach to continuing education. The result is a suite of educational offerings that look different and, we hope, will help our members think differently, treat differently, and stand out in the communities they serve.

Our Mission

The Sarver Institute’s mission is to elevate dentistry by showing practitioners what is possible, teaching them how to communicate that to patients, and then helping them deliver it. This goes beyond orthodontics exclusively, integrating all forms of esthetics, encouraging interdisciplinary treatment, and building a worldwide community of professionals dedicated to being the best in their field, lifting their practices and communities in the process.

Our Strategic Goal

To be the most impactful Global Dental Education Community, adapting to the changing world of dentistry and patient demand.  To bring awareness of the growing desire of patients for a truly aesthetic lifetime outcome and to provide the pathway for all dentists to collaborate to fulfill this desire. 

We will serve the dental professional through excellence of execution, interdisciplinary partnership, sound business principles, and a strong dedication to serving employees, customers, and prospects.  We will build a 100% referable customer base!

Our Core Values

  • Be honest in everything we say and do
  • Respect individual perspectives
  • Respect the profession
  • Respect the professional
  • Serve our customers in everything we do
  • Support an open-door approach to dialog
  • Provide excellent value for the price we charge
  • Work hard. Have fun working.
  • Seek wisdom and guidance from others
  • Meet or exceed expectations in all we do
  • Seek to be a blessing in all we do.